The Biggest, Baddest, Boldest And Best Big Men’s Watches Around

Big men’s watches are overlooked, which is really odd as they are such a commanding type of watch. Big men’s watches are bold, ballsy, and believe it or not, practical (we’ll get into that in a bit). What constitutes a big men’s watch? Any watch whose case measures 44mm or bigger. Why choose a big men’s watch? There are many reasons to wear a big men’s watch, and they can range from physiognomy to style. If you have a large wrist, a big men’s watch is more proportionate (and probably more comfortable) than a small men’s watch. Strenuous outdoor activities like long-distance running, diving, climbing and the like mean that you’re in constant motion. A big men’s watch with its large, easily readable face, allows you to quickly tell time without losing speed. Another reason could be that some guys prefer oversized watches. And some guys like a bit of flash on their wrists. We found big men’s watches in every price range and style. Need a big men’s smartwatch? We got ‘em. Looking for a big men’s dress watch? Got it. Need a really big men’s watch for swimming, AKA a diver watch? Yep, got that and more. Check out our list of the best big men’s watches to buy now. 1. Nixon Ripley Watch If you’re in an office during the week and bushwhacking on the weekends, Nixon’s Ripley is your on-and-off trail companion. This digital watch switches its face from “City mode,” to a digital dual chronograph that is also an altimeter and temperature gauge. Likewise, it has a second time zone and also an alarm clock built-in. The only thing it doesn’t do is make coffee. With all that going on, it makes sense for the watch’s dial to be a nicely sized 47mm. And don’t worry about bumping into things, the case is covered in a shock-resistant module, has a stainless steel top plate, and hey, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet as it’s also water-resistant to 100 meters/10 ATM. ripley-watch-black-and-silver Buy: Nixon Ripley Watch $200.00 2. Kenneth Cole The Wellness Watch Story continues The problem with some smartwatches is that the small face makes it hard to read all that important information. Kenneth Cole’s The Wellness watch has a nicely sized 48.6mm case, which makes reading your blood pressure or oxygen levels a breeze. This smartwatch has lots of other functions that include reading body temperature and can record workout results, distances ran, calories burned. Plus, when synced to your phone, it will deliver push notifications for emails, texts and social media. Kenneth-Cole-The-Wellness-Watch Buy: Kenneth Cole The Wellness Watch $95.00 3. Graham Mercedes GP Petronas Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch Named after the British watchmaker and inventor of the chronograph, Graham Watches are based in Switzerland. As the official timekeeper of the Mercedes GP Petronas F1 team, they named this big watch in honor of them. When you look at the watch, you can almost hear the sound of a racing engine revving in the pit. This bold and handsome three-hand automatic 47mm watch has 25 jewels and a 48-hour power reserve. The silver dial features two sub-dials with contrasting color backgrounds. The date complication is located above the 7, and the case-back is transparent. Its black rubber strap resembles racing tire treads. This watch normally goes for $7,600.00, but ShopWorn buys unsold merchandise from high-end stores and then resells them for less. Graham-Mercedes-GP-Petronas-Chronograph-Automatic-Mens-Watch-2MEAS.S01A-Rubber Buy: Graham Mercedes Gp Silverstone Chronograph $3450.00 4. Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver Watch This black and gold diver watch with its 44mm case is ruggedly good-looking and equally tough. Wear it when diving down 200 meters, and never worry about telling time as the markers and indices are luminous. The bezel rotates, the strap is durable black polyurethane, there’s a date complication too. This big men’s watch and all Citizen Eco-Drive watches run on light not batteries, which means it’ll run forever. Citizen-Eco-Drive-Professional-Diver-Watch Buy: Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver Watch $281.25 5. Casio Black Resin Strap Watch Casio’s dive watch is a big men’s watch that will let you dive down to 100 meters, and that’s pretty deep water. This 50mm diver watch has other cool features like dual time, day and date complications and a quartz movement. Casio-Black-Resin-Strap-Watch-50mm Buy: Casio Black Resin Strap Watch $40.00 6. Swatch Big Bold Planets OOPS! Watch Swatch is known for creating quirky, cool watches, and they’ve just debuted a new collection that exemplifies their sense of fun; the Big Bold Planets collection. The unisex watches come in four colors (blue, orange, green and purple) and each represent an aspect of space travel with a dash of a retro, funky sci-fi sensibility. The orange OOPS! Watch has a transparent 47mm case and numerals that looked like they were copied from the Millenium Falcon. This big men’s watch comes with two silicone bands that lets you switch the vibe. Swatch-Big-Blue-Planets-OOPS-Watch Buy: Swatch Big Bold Planets OOPS! Watch $135.00 7. Diesel Chronograph Mega Chief Black Silicone Strap Watch 51X59 This is a big boy of a watch that measures 51mm x 59mm. The black-on-black chronograph could pass as a secret weapon in any spy or action movie. It even has a plaque stating, “Only the Brave” above the 12. Other features include a quartz movement, rubber strap, and water-resistance up to 100 meters. Diesel-Chronograph-Mega-Chief-Black-Silicone-Strap-Watch-51X59mm Buy: Diesel Mega Chief Black Watch 51X59 $240.00 8. MVMT Classic Black Tan MVMT (pronounced ‘movement’) has been creating luxurious-looking watches at a decent price point for a few years now. Headquartered in California, the young brand actively courts an equally young audience. This big men’s watch uses its flagship design and ups its game by making the case 45mm, and then linking a tan band to its black face. It’s dressy, it’s sporty and very modern. Wear it to work and anywhere else. MVMT-Classic-Black-Tan- Buy: MVMT Classic Black Tan $98.00 9. Emporio Armani Stainless Steek and Leather Strap Chronograph Watch Armani is known for two things: impeccable menswear and owning the red carpet. Doesn’t matter where the red carpet is, most celebs attending are wearing this Italian designer’s creations. This Emporio Armani watch is a smart-looking brand ambassador. Their chronograph measures 46mm and has an elegant black and gold dial, quartz movement, and a date complication at the 4. Emporio-Armani-Stainless-Steek-and-Leather-Strap-Chronograph-Watch-Copy Buy: Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch $165.00 10. Timex Men’s Tachymeter Chronograph Watch 46MM Brown Strap Silver Dial Skeleton watches are unique, they’re designed so you can see the watch’s mechanisms working. This skeleton watch is also a chronograph, has a day complication, and a tachymeter, yeah, it’s got layers of cool stuff all in that 46mm case. It’s also water-resistant to 50 meters. Timex-Mens-Tachymeter-Chronograph-Watch-46MM-Brown-Strap-Silver-dial-TW2T23400 Buy: Timex Tachymeter Chronograph Watch $79.00 11. Movado Swiss Chronograph Bold Verso Gold Ion-Plated Steel Bracelet Most people think that Movado makes just one model of the watch; the iconic dial decorated only with hands and a gold circle at the 12. However, they have an entire line of gleamingly sexy watches that look damn cool wrapped around your wrist. This gold ion-plated steel chronograph, with its bold 44mm dial, is a very nice shiny toy. Let’s talk about what’s under the three-hand hood; it has quartz movement, date and day complications, and also comes with a two-year limited warranty. Movado-Swiss-Chronograph-Bold-Verso-Gold-Ion-Plated-Steel-Bracelet Buy: Movado Chronograph Bold Verso Watch $995.00 Love what you’re seeing? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and be the first to hear about new product launches, the latest trends and can’t miss deals you won’t find anywhere else.

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