MVMT 2021: Rolex Presents Its Heroes Of The Ocean

The Perpetual Planet initiative currently embraces Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue – which Rolex has partnered since 2014 – to preserve the oceans through a network of marine-protected Hope Spots; an enhanced partnership with the National Geographic Society to study the impacts of climate change; and the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, which for 45 years have been supporting exceptional individuals with innovative projects improving knowledge of our world. In hopes of telling a more comprehensive story about the amazing work being undertaken across the planet to protect the oceans’ fragile ecosystems and support those devising solutions to Earth’s environmental challenges, Rolex specially commissioned the BBC Studio Science Unit to produce a documentary as part of its latest Perpetual Planet initiatives. Entitled Heroes of the Ocean and narrated by oceanographer, explorer, not to mention Rolex Testimonee and founder of Mission Blue Sylvia Earle, the documentary features the work of six marine scientists, five of whom are Rolex Award Laureates; Angélique Pouponneau, who is a Mission Blue champion for the Seychelles; and Ghislain Bardout, co-founder and director of the Under The Pole expeditions. Over the course of the hour-long documentary, viewers are immersed in a spectacular underwater world, discovering the challenges our oceans face today and the solutions that can be taken to make a real change. Hopeful of change and committed to saving the planet, Sylvia Earle said, “Each of us can make a difference in inspiring others. With passion, curiosity and hope, anyone can change everything. We can create a Perpetual Planet for generations to come.” Here are the pioneering marine scientists who are the main cast of the Rolex Heroes of the Ocean feature: Marine scientist and 2019 Rolex Awards Laureate Emma Camp is working to ensure reef resilience at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Brad Norman, 2006 Rolex Awards Laureate, tracks whale sharks to improve knowledge that will help in their conservation. Angélique Pouponneau, Mission Blue Hope Spot champion for the Seychelles. Ghislain Bardout, co-founder and Director of the Under The Pole expeditions, supported by Rolex. Kerstin Forsberg, 2016 Rolex Awards Laureate, protects giant manta rays by raising awareness and developing ecotourism. Michel André uses bioacoustics to study and monitor the rich biodiversity of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, which was established by the late José Marcio Ayres, a fellow 2002 Rolex Awards Laureate. Sylvia Earle on Caldesi Island in the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot near Dunedin where she grew up and fell in love with the ocean. Vreni Häussermann received a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2016 to advance her project to discover and protect the unique marine life of Chilean Patagonia. For a more in-depth look at each personality, pick up a copy of the MVMT 2021, or check out our e-magazine.

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